Privacy Policy

We (Fastway VPN) respect your data security. This Privacy Policy (Policy) will help you (users) to understand the possible data processing taken by us for the services provided by our website, software and applications (the Service).

1. Consent

* By visiting, installing or using the Service, you understand and consent to be legally bound by this Policy, otherwise, you may not use the Service.

* We may amend this Policy from time to time without notice, continued visiting, installing or using the Service after each amendment in effect means that you understand and consent to the revised Policy.

* The Service is direct to users aged 13 and above, if you are under 13, you may not use the Service and your consent will be invalid.

2. Minimal Data

* The Service is designed based on the principle of minimal data and all the processing is done under the legal basis of the agreements including this Policy and the Terms of Service between you and us, authorized by your clear consent. The Service does NOT log what you do while connected to the Service, does NOT log any content of any communications unless the communication is with us, does NOT log your original IP address.

3. Information We Collect and Store

* Personal information: The Service barely records your personal information except your geographic at the city level (please note that additional information may be collected if you contact us).

* Non-personal information: (i) Data related to your device information and, app version, connection time stamp, the server and the protocol you connected, total data used, network type and the error report (if any) will be automatically collected when you visit or use the Service. (ii) Analysis of our servers, which is non-identifying, like the analysis of the sites visited through the Service. This is a mixed big data from all our users.

4. How We Use Your Information

* We will not sell, use or disclose any personal data to third parties for any purpose without your permission. We will not do targeted advertising, user profiling, or snoop your privacy. We will only use your information in certain ways and for certain purposes, as stated in this Policy.

* Your geographic is mainly used to analyze our product distribution and for product planning. Non-personal information is mainly used for the Service's optimization, for example, when something wrong and you ask us for user support, we need specific data to figure it out and then shoot the trouble. We may also use the information above to track the features of the Service to better analyze, understand, and enhance the Service, and to further improve the experience and satisfaction of our users.

5. How We Store Your Information

* The data of our users is stored in servers located in the EU and may be accessed by us from time to time outside the EU, for the purpose of providing and boosting the Service to you.

* As to the storing period, the server you connected, connection time stamp, network type and the error report (if any) will only exist in our servers for up to 72 hours and then vanish permanently. Such data is short-term as for temporary purpose like trouble-shooting. Other information will have a longer storage period since it's necessary to keep the Service running as expected, and will be stored as long as you are using the Service unless you ask for the right to be forgotten.

6. Other Collectors

* Advertisers: Advertisers may be able to collect some of your information independently from Fastway VPN. Applovin, Mopub, ironSource, InMobi. You can click directly to learn more details about them.

7. Disclosure

* If we have a good-faith belief that it is reasonably necessary to comply with a law, regulation, legal process or governmental request, we may preserve or disclose your data according to such law enforcement requests.

* This may include legal requests from the jurisdictions which we are operating under.

8. Your Rights

* You have the rights to access, correct, transfer, be forgotten or object to the processing of your personal data, you can also lodge a complaint to the competent supervisory authority. If you want to exercise such rights or have any questions about this Policy, just contact us.

* Please note that we may need a month to respond and ask you to verify your identity before responding.

* Our email is: